Saturday, January 19, 2013

Added Starhill Global REIT to Portfolio

Have added a small amount of Starhill Global REIT  that is traded on the SGX into my portfolio.  Bought them at 82.5 cents.  This is just part of my diversification strategy as I have found my REITs holdings to be heavily weighted towards one single REIT.

Starhill Global REIT owns various retail/office properties in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China and Japan.  Its distribution yield is slightly over 5% and various analysts have chosen it as one of their top picks with a target price of around 85 cents.  I am also expecting the REIT to pay out its distributions in Feb or Mar 2013.

For newbie investors, S-REITs have actually risen quite a fair bit over the year and now trade at a premium to book value.  For quite a long time, S-REITs have been trading at a discount to book value.  Most analysts are perhaps NEUTRAL on S-REITs right now given how much they have appreciated over the past one year.

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