Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bull Market or Prepare for the Bear?

So stock prices are reaching dizzy heights once more with positive news coming out of the US.  But there are still dark clouds hanging overhead.  The debt ceiling and euro crisis are just some of the larger issues that has not been settled. Heard about the news of Germany intending to bring back its gold from US back to its own country?

The STI is now around 3,291.  That is almost close to the pre-financial crisis levels.  And what good news is there to push the stock market up higher?  Are we in a late bull run or is this going to be start of the bear market soon?.    


  1. Who cares? i have sold more than 70% of my portfolio in stocks. And i intend to continue selling.
    There say missing the bull is worst than paw swipe by the bear. Then you are seriously injured and can not do anything at all.

  2. Yes. I also am selling most of my stocks. Principal protection mode.


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