Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Citigroup Target Price

Bought Citigroup some time back and with the recent bullish run in the stock market, I am just re-visiting this stock to see whether it is time to unload it off my portfolio.Citigroup was previously trading at less than US$4 during the financial crisis.  There was a subsequent 10:1 stock consolidation which explains the high price now.  

The charts look bullish with the price being above the 200-day moving average line.  I am not good at technical analysis but it seems that the trend is still bullish.  

My target price for Citigroup is US$48.00.  Vested interest.

Chart forCitigroup, Inc. (C)


  1. Thanks for sharing. Wondering whether anyone has any views on the target price for Citigroup?


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