Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dividends for July 2013

Received 4 cheques in the mailbox for this month.

Cheque #1 = $13.03
Cheque #2 = $50.59
Cheque #3 = $87.54
Cheque #4 = $69.07

All the cheques were from U.S. stocks that I own.  Have not been keeping a good record of all the dividends that I have been receiving each month so thought that I should just log this down before I forget.

Overall, my portfolio has changed quite a bit. Many of the higher yielding stocks that I bought have had bad news lately which has affected the value of my portfolio.  At the same time, I am fortunate to have exited quite a fair bit of my stocks during their recent highs.  So there is quite a bit of free cash left to invest.

Financially, I will like to think that I am progressing fine.  There are surpluses each month to invest/save and that is sufficient.  Have been spending more time reading, reflecting and living each day to the fullest.  Life is too short to worry about tomorrows.

Hopefully all readers had a very good long weekend.  It was a well deserved break for me too.

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