Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tisdale Merlot - Cheap and Good?

Bought a bottle of Tisdale Merlot and drank it over the week.  The Californian wine was on offer at Cold Storage and was selling at slightly less than $14.  So I grabbed it without hesitating though I know that those in the U.S. can probably get their hands on this Merlot for probably less than US$10.

Overall, I think the wine is a good everyday table wine.  Taste of spices and some berry taste.  It isn't particularly sweet but it is overall a good value wine for under $15.  Seriously, I am no sommelier, so any wine under $15 is probably a steal for me.

Cold Storage is having some offers right now.  So I bought another few bottles to try.  Looks like I will have lots of wine to drink over the next few weeks.

In vino veritas.

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