Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why I Bought and Sold Coca-Cola (KO)

I bought Coca-cola (KO) at a low price of $37.21 during the recent market downturn. That was before the results were announced on 18 Feb.

The share price went up slightly thereafter. Even with the news of the tie-up with Green Mountain coffee, the share price did not move much. Considering that I was sitting on some paper gains, I decided to cash out. Thankfully, I did so before the results were announced. This is probably one of those rare occasions where my timing of the market worked.

The results released on 18 Feb was probably met with some concern as the share price dropped quite a bit to close back at near the price that I had earlier bought it.  Investors are probably fearing that 1% to 2% global volume growth will become the new norm for Coca-cola.  The fact that some states in the United States are thinking about implementing soda taxes doesn't help either.

Disclaimer:  Not vested currently.  But looking to buy if the stock dips any further.

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