Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Holidays and Travel Insurance

The first two months of 2014 are already past.  And it seems like the school March holidays are almost here again.  How fast a term flies!  Most people are probably gearing up for short holidays here and there before the June holidays.

However, the haze is back in Indonesia and Malaysia.  Who knows when it might hit Singapore (another good reason to start planning a holiday especially if the haze situation worsens).  Most people are avoiding Bangkok due to the ongoing political unrest there.  So that leaves quite few options for those who just want a short getaway.

On a related note, I realised that I have been very inconsistent in the purchasing of travel insurance.  There are times when I purchase travel insurance when I go for holidays and there are also times when I do not.

So I would like to hear your thoughts:

  • Given the current situation (haze, political unrest, etc) in neighbouring countries, where is good place to go travelling (not too far away from Singapore)?
  • Do you usually buy travel insurance?  If so which is the best plan around?


  1. I like ntuc income because they are cheap and can buy online! I did small claims before, also fast and good. I think is a good idea to get because you never know what will happen. I have a friend heart attack in Myanmar.....after some "talking" to the travel insurance, they fly in helicopter to take him back to SG.

  2. I always buy travel insurance, feel insecure without it. Tenet is one of my favourite. The claim experience is good. I'd usually go for their promotion during NATAS.

  3. Hi FF,

    I was researching on term insurance and other insurance related issues, and one link led to another and I ended up here on your blog. It's a nice read, I like your personal opinions from a SG perspective!

    For 1st point, I would suggest waiting around for great budget airline fare deals (if you don't mind budget). I usually get an email about once a week from the different carriers and they have a few nosebleed deals on a lot of nearby places. Very budget friendly and a lot of interesting choices, definitely a few places that most people overlook as well.

    I wrote a post a while back on travel insurance that I linked in my username, I think you might find it a bit useful and might help with your 2nd point, although I didn't outright offer any plan. I've personally used and claim single trip MSIG TravelEasy before, and now I am covered by AXA SmartTraveller annual plan, but I have not made any claims yet.

    Hope this helps!



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