Saturday, April 19, 2014

OCBC 360 Account Offers Incredible Interest Rates of over 3%

Recently, I posted about opening a DBS multiplier account that offered interest rates of over 2% depending on your cashflow with the bank.

It now seems that OCBC has up the competition by offering a similar account that offers interest rates up to 3.05% . OCBC 360 account seems attractive as the bonus interest rates are also much more achievable.

To get the bonus interest rates, I will just need to credit my salary, carry out 3 bill payments, and charge $400 to an OCBC credit card. Each of the above gives a bonus interest of 1%. Together with the base interest of 0.05%, it adds up to 3.05%.

I think the offer from OCBC seems to be too good to be missed. Opening my account with them definitely.

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