Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recieving Cash in mailbox Every Month

Most people probably dread opening up their mailbox because they know that only bills await them. However, I am probably one of a few people who actually enjoys opening my mailbox to check for mail. The reason? I receive monthly cheques in my mail so I am always excited to open them up and add it together with other dividends that might have been directly credited into my bank account.

Those of you who have been following my blog over the years probably know that I am a dividends kind of investor. My timing into stocks are quite bad. But dividends have always been my kind of thing. I like the certainty of investing into businesses that provide shareholders with cash in their pockets. Over the years, I have lost count of the dividends I have received.

My favourite kind of dividends are those that are paid regularly. Some of my holdings even pay monthly dividends. That is amazing from my point of view. In short, I have been able to supplement my very average salary with passive income without actually moonlighting.

Foreign holdings in U.S. Etfs and monthly dividend stocks are those cheques which end up in my mailbox. And it is always nice to reach home at the end of a long hard day at work to find a cheque or sometimes piles of cheques in my mailbox. Trust me, the feeling is quite surreal when you get the first cheque but after sometime, it still feels awesome!

Just this month alone, I have received 3 cheques. And the month isn't over yet :)


  1. Hi, which broker do you use for your foreign stock purchases?
    Also, are you foreign holding in the US subjected to dividend withholding tax?

  2. How do you manage your USD cheques?

  3. How do you manage the USD cheques?

  4. Wow! Nice! Can't wait for my first dividend cheques expected to come this month.

    Never heard of monthly dividend stocks, can you quote some example of such stocks that you are holding?


  5. Hi.. mind sharing which stocks in sg provide monthly dividend?

  6. Using UOB Kayhian. Yes, there is withholding tax. The cheques are in SGD. Conversion rates are done by the broker.


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