Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dividends for June 2014

It is the end of the June school holidays in Singapore and July is almost upon us.  Have compiled my dividends for this month.  As most readers do know, I receive cash in my mailbox every month.

Almost $100+ in distributions from unit trusts, $100+ in dividends from stocks and $60+ from various deposit accounts [Check out on the details for the various bank deposit accounts I am using right now in the postings found here and here].

The total amount collected for June 2014 is $282.

Not enough to do anything with it really.  Will just have to reinvest into other instruments to keep the monthly income flowing in.

I am quite pleased that I actually had the discipline to compile my monthly dividends for the past few months.  It has at least made me more aware of where my dividends have been coming from and how much I have been getting.  It sure beats having just a blurry guess-estimate of how much I have been getting.  It also serves as a good check on whether I am hitting the goals that I have set for myself.

Please see dividends for other months compiled below:

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