Saturday, June 7, 2014

Singapore's Andy Chua Wins Right to Dine with Warren Buffett

A certain Mr Andy Chua from Singapore has won the bid to dine with Mr Warren Buffett.  Mr Chua together with seven other guests will get to dine with the world's 3rd richest man in Manhattan for lunch at Smith & Wollensky.  At the restaurant, a typical mains costs only around US$70.  His single bid of S$2.71 million is not the highest bid in history.  The auction proceeds will benefit a San Francisco charity (Glide Foundation) that provides meals, etc to the poor and homeless.

Little is known about Andy Chua who has said that he was not interested in interviews right now.  

So who is this mystery man Andy Chua?

I did a quick google and came across a few people named Andy Chua.  

Out of all the people, it seems that there is this Director, Head Asia Pacific Financial Advisory Centre at Merrill Lynch that seems like a possible fit (though I can't confirm for sure).   

There is also a Mr Andy Chua who was at a Montblanc event: 

Not sure whether these two are the same person or different people altogether.  Also not certain whether any of them was the one who won the bid to dine with Mr Buffett.

In any case, congratulations to Mr Andy Chua (whoever he is).  Hopefully, he will share details about the lunch with the media soon.

Update 10 Jun 2014:

It has been revealed by CNA that the winner is the owner of YunNam and not the said Andy Chua mentioned above.


  1. Thank you for the information

  2. The owner of Yun Nam Hair Care, London Weight Management and New York Skin Solution also called Mr. Andy Chua.

  3. You are right! The winner is indeed the owner of Yun Nam Hair Care.

  4. I wonder whether there was a follow up after he ate with news at all


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