Friday, October 3, 2014

Dividends for August and September

Since I am so far behind in my computations for the amount of dividends received, I have combined the money received over the months of August and September 2014.

For August 2014, I received $389 in dividends

For September 2014, I received $396 in dividends

I am setting a year end target of $500 in monthly dividends and hopefully I can achieve it. 

There are only 3 more months to go before the year comes to a close so it is quite challenging a goal.  I guess I had digress from the earlier goals that I had set out for myself.

Anyway, what strikes me lately in the newspapers is the number of property advertisements.  It seems like every other page is filled with an advertisement calling out for people to own a condo either in some exclusive district in Singapore or to own a property in Bangkok/Australia/London, etc.  You get the drift.  Is this a sign of the times?

Check out my dividends for previous months:

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