Sunday, November 30, 2014

Singapore's Best Chirashi-Don

Bara Chirashi Don @ Sushi Tei Vivocity
Chirashi Don or chirashizushi. Some call it diced or slivered sushi scattered in a bowl of vinegared short grain Japanese rice. Others call it "happiness in a bowl".

Basically, this is a dish that comprises slices or sometimes diced up cubes of the freshest raw seafood and which is served on vinegared rice.

To me, freshness is probably the key.  The proportion of the various kinds of seafood as well as the portion (neither too big nor too small) also plays a crucial role.  My personal preference is to have the seafood diced rather than sliced as it is much easier to eat with the rice. One also cannot help but make mention that the temperature that it is served at also plays a part in the enjoyment of the dish.  Too warm and it doesn't really feel right.  The rice is also another important factor.  When all these come together nicely, what you get is an awesome bowl of indescribable goodness.

If you ask me, the best chirashi-don that I have tasted is probably at Sushi Tei@Vivocity.  I have tried the one at Teppei before but I will like to think that I prefer the one at Sushi Tei.  At $16 a bowl (see picture above), it is really good value for money.

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