Sunday, March 13, 2016

It is March

The year has passed real quick and now almost three months have passed. And you sort of lose concept of time since each day is spent the same in what is almost repetitive. Each week is non-differentiable from the other. You lose track of time and friends. People fade in and out of your life and it is totally out of your control. But I know this year will be a good year alright. And everything will be okay and the family will be alright. But one can never be too certain. Never in my life have I been so busy and yet so isolated and drained.

I spent the Sunday reading some Hemingway and it made me realise how long I have not had time to read. And this was a good reading session because I managed to finish the book. But this was only my second book that I had read in the year. And it is already March. Anyway, I got started on a new book right after I finished one book today and this brought me a great sense of satisfaction.

Well, the fact that I ate some nice steak (a mixture of wagyu, ribeye and striploin) and downed it with some Riesling that had been sitting in my fridge for some time made it an even better Sunday. Not to mention the bread dipped in olive oil and basalmic vinegar. All prepared by me in double quick time for dinner as it was raining today and the roads were all wet and busy from where I had gone in the late afternoon to run some errand.

Financially, all is well. I have enough to live by and the family is happy and healthy. So there is really nothing more that I should be asking for. Some dividends from one of my reit counters was good. I don't know where the stock market is headed to right now and I simply couldn't care less. I wish I cared more and made a little more effort but this is not the time and there are still other things to worry about first. All I need right now is time and space. Time to read my books and be happy. For that is all that I want to do right now.

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