Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Rental Income or Dividend Income

Which is better? Rental income or dividend income?

Having both rental income and dividend income,  I can say that I actually prefer to collect dividend income.

In Singapore, I don't have to pay taxes on dividends. But I have to pay taxes on my rental income.

Also, rental income is taxed at one's income bracket and that results in a lower yield from whatever rent I collect. 

If using a housing/ real estate agent, one also has to pay the agent commission ranging from 1 to 1.5 months rental.  This alone can be quite significant.

In terms of passiveness,  there is work involved too in terms of finding tenants paperwork, etc.

On the other hand,  dividend income is fairly straightforward.  No taxes,  no hefty commissions to be paid, and relative ease in terms of monitoring (assuming one is buying a good quality income).

This is not investment advice. Purely stating my preference as a very lazy investor.

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