Ascott REIT - Presentation by CEO Tay Boon Hwee

CEO Tay Boon Hwee of Ascott REIT gives a presentation and gives a good detailed explanation of Ascott REIT's business and how it differs from a hotel and a normal condominium.  Here are the few points that were made during the video:

  • Sponsor of Ascott REIT is Ascott Limited.  Ascott Ltd is o world's largest serviced residences owner and operator.
  • 7260 units across 24 cities in 12 countries in Asia Pacific and Europe
  • Operates under the brands of The Ascott Residence, Citadines and Somerset Residence
  • $2.9bil portfolio
  • Major shareholder is Capitaland which owns 49% of Ascott REIT
What is a serviced residence?

A hybrid between hotel and apartment.  Provides the comforts of an apartment and essential services one will expect to see at a hotel. like laundry, daily housekeeping and limited F&B services.  

Key differences  lies in the lease structure.  Hotels cater for short term stay ranging from one day to one or two weeks.  Target audience is also the leisure market and the corporate market. Apartment for rents on the otherhand are typically rented out for at least one year.  Serviced residence thus are able to capitalise on the gap, focusing on the long stay segment,  looking at between stays of 1 month to 1 year stay.  The focus is also on the corporate market and not the leisure market.

Ascott REIT's weighted average length of stay is 4 to 5 months.  This provides stability to the REIT.  It is also less affected by the seasonal demands one would expect arising from tourists.

Serviced residences also only cater 1-2 F&B facilities to the guests and not to the public.  They also do not include banquet halls or function room.

Serviced residence comprises studio apartments, 1/2/3 bedroom.  This can be from 30 sqm to even 100 over sqm.  All apartment units come with fully equipped kitchen facilities.

Hotel staff to room ratio is around 1:1
Serviced Residence staff to room ration is around 0.3~0.5: 1

Sources of Income for Ascott

Broadly classified into 3 categories.

Firstly, properties under management contract.  Ascott REIT enters into a management contract with the operator (Ascott) to maange and operate the property on its behalf. A property management fee is paid in return to Ascott. which is tied to gross revenue and gross operating profit.  18 of its properties (mainly located in Asia Pacific) are under this arrangement.

Secondly, are properties on master leases.  Ascott REIT enters into a master lease agreement with the lesse regardless of the performance of the property.  A fixed rental income is given and this provides stability.  This is mainly in Europe (France & Germany), Philippines and Singapore.

Thirdly, are properties on management contract with minimum income.  Similar to the first category except that a minimum income is guaranteed.

[Disclaimer:  Writer owns shares in Ascott REIT]


  1. Looking to add Ascott to my family portfolio soon. Good video.

  2. Thanks. Ascott REIT is a good business. But the price of around $1.40 seems a bit high now. I just liquidated it a few days back.