Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Current Sources of Passive Income

These are the sources of my current passive income:

1. 11,000 x Ascott REITs (DPU = 4.52 per half) = $82.87 per month
2. 15,000 x First REITs (DPU = 1.91 per qtr) = $95.50 per month
3. Maybank iSavvy Deposit = $12 per month

Total passive income per month = $190.37

It is quite amazing. I am nearly on target to achieving my $200 per month passive income for this year. $200 per month passive income however is only 4 percent of my current earned income.

My goal for the remaining months in 2008 will be to look for buying opportunities to enter into REITs or stocks with regular dividend payouts.

An additional goal would be to explore the use of Google's Adsense as an additional source of passive income.

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