Sunday, August 31, 2008

Earning Money Online Through Adsense

In a previous post dated 16 August, I mentioned that I wanted to increase my passive income from Adsense to $1 per day. I have been exploring ways to earn more money online.

This is a breakdown of my report for the amount that I have earned from Adsense since May 2008:

Jun 08= $0.41
Jul 08 = $0.38
Aug 08 = $4.44

I have manged to increased my passive income from Adsense by nearly 10 times within 1 month! This is part of the overall strategy to increasing my passive income through various avenues. In the coming month (Sep 08), I will be significantly busier at work. As such, I do not expect to be able to achieve the same success as I managed in Aug 08. However, I will attempt a target of $5.00 for the month of Sep 08. I will also be exploring dividend yielding stocks, high interest rate bank deposits or REITs to increase my passive income.

I have dedicated another blog that will explore my financial freedom journey on making money online. Do visit it here.

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