Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home Insurance

No financial planning is complete without insurance. I would be adding in details of the various insurance that I have.

Let me start with my home insurance.

Since I am using my Central Provident Fund (CPF) for my monthly housing installments, I have to be covered under the Home Protection Scheme (HPS). HPS gives me protection up to age 65 or to the end of the loan period, whichever is earlier. In the event of permanent incapacity or death, the Board will pay up the outstanding housing loan so that my family can keep the flat. That is if my loan is 100% covered for. So for an annual premium of $200 to $300, my outstanding mortgage loan is covered should anything untoward happen to me. Isn't that wonderful planning by the government!

If you have a private life or mortgage reducing insurance which is sufficient to cover your outstanding housing loan, you may apply for exemption from HPS. The above also applies if you are paying the housing instalments under PHS. HPS is optional only if you use cash to pay your monthly housing instalments.

Apart from HPS which covers my mortgage loan should any untoward happen to me, I am also covered by AIG American Home Assurance Company.

The coverage details are as follows:
Coverage Descriptions Limit (SGD)
Building = $150,000
Alt Accomodation Expenses = $4,500
Household contents = $30,000
Contents at Temporary Premises =$4,500
Replacement of Locks & Keys = $250
Personal Accident (<66 liability =" $500,000" style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">S$81.00 per year

In conclusion, I think my insurance coverage for my home is pretty well covered. The only way that I can improve the coverage is if I am able to find another insurance that provides the same coverage but at a lower cost (i.e. less than $81.00 per year)

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