Monday, December 15, 2008

Bank Account is Fat


Bank Account is Fat from the year end bonus.. Looking for stocks to increase my passive income again.

Tuesday :

I put a queue of 3 lots of Ascott REITs to add to my income portfolio. I shall not engage in trading. This will be kept as part of my passive income portfolio/
I might put the remainder of my cash into my Maybank iSaavy account or simply buy more stocks. I actually put a queue earlier today but did not manage to buy it. Hopefully the market tomorrow will allow me to purchase this 3 additional lots of Ascott REITs


Still did not manage to get Ascott REITs. Queued again 3 lots at same price.


Still did not manage to get any Ascott REITs. Makes me wonder whether I should have just bought the stocks at whatever price the market was selling. Updated my networth (current @$467,372)


  1. Hi FF,
    nice figure as a networth for a 28yo chap.... is that included ur hdb and car? how u calculate tat?
    we are about the same age here, but my networth is crawling slow, working towards that as well... good luck :)

  2. Yep, it includes car and hdb flat.

    Nothing incredible really. There are ppl who have much more money than me and are much younger than me.


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