Saturday, December 6, 2008

Being Frugal

In one's journey to financial freedom, being frugal is definitely one of the criterion.

Can one be frugal and still enjoy life? I will like to think so. Many things in life can be enjoyed without spending much money.

Let's take the case of eating out.

By eating at a cheap hawker center, one saves alot more compared to eating at a fancy restaurant. And seriously, the food actually tastes pretty much the same.

Take the example of how I spent my morning today:

I took a slow walk together with my family to Margaret Drive Hawker Center. Ordered a bowl of fishball noodles (S$2.20) for my wife and duck noodles ($2.50) for myself. I topped that up with 2 x Iced Tea and a cup of coffee ($2.60) and also 2 delicious popiah ($2.40).

That was a hearty meal at less than $10. In times like this, saving up every single cent surely counts. A meal at MacDonald's would cost more than $10 definitely.

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