Monday, April 13, 2009

$10.70 refunded back

Called up DBS to cancel off my debit cards which I have not been using. They decided that they would reimburse me the annual fee which was just recently charged. Yipee!

Managed to save a total of $10.70

It's not alot I know but every little bit counts.

Financial freedom afterall is bringing down my monthly expenditure and bring up my monthly passive income.

I have done a quick look at my portfolio and realised that contrary to my beliefs, I have not been investing as aggressively as I would have liked during this bear market. Most of my stocks that I have bought are still in the red.

Except for NOL which I have bought at a lower price than today's closing price, the rest of my stocks are all bought at a much higher price. Time to load up on all my stocks again.

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