Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Millionaire by 30

I was browsing through some books in the bookshop lately when I came across this book about a typical guy who worked 9 to 5 and managed to increase his personal networth to a cool US$1 million after like close to 8 years of work, investing and buying property.

It made me remember that during my schooling days, I always thought that I would become a millionaire by 30 too!

HOWEVER, somehow I put that dream aside to chase other ideals like friends, family, etc.

Also, it just does not seem realistic to be a millionaire by 30 in Singapore right?

So reading that book was really a wake up call. Afterall, that guy who wrote the book lives in one of the most expensive cities in US. Credit must be given to him that he pursued his dream non-stop from his early twenties all the way till his 30th birthday.

My 30th birthday is like 2.5 years away.

And I am not even close to being a millionaire. Combined with my wife, we are probably only at the halfway point. Is it too late to chase the dream of being a millionaire by the age of 30?

I also came across a book by Adam Wong (an internet marketer) who was mentored by Adam Khoo and went on to earn six digits through internet marketing and stuff.

The common thing about these two guys is simply this : Both were focused on their goals and they did not let people around dissuade them from it. To them, being rich was sort of like a certainty that they were pursuing. They did not see it as a dream that could not be attained. Furthermore, both these guys are not your "scholar" kind of people who go to top universities and stuff.

Hmmmm... A millionaire by Thirty?

Anyway, conducted a flurry of trading activity over the past few weeks. Some decisions might not have been too wise.

Since NOL went XD, I will get around $120 from the 3 lots that I hold. I sold 2 lots @$1.36 to make a nice little profit on top of my dividends.

Bought 5000 x KingBoard @0.14 and 6,000 x Hongguo @0.125 and 1000 x CitiCorp@US$4.09
Sold the 5000 x KingBoard @0.17 to earn a tidy profit of $90

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