Tuesday, July 7, 2009

10 facts about Myself

It has been a long journey. 27 years of my life.

While this blog has given me a platform to chart my journey, it has also provided me with the opportunity to interact with others in the online community.

However, it seems that I am perhaps hiding behind the veil of the internet where people cannot really know who am I.

So perhaps today I should reveal a bit about myself so that people can have an idea of who I really am. These are 10 facts about myself which I hope you enjoy:

1. I was born in KK hospital, Singapore in 1981.
2. I was never good at art.
3. My ECA in primary school was Science Club. But I also joined table tennis and track and field
4. My K2 teacher gave me black coffee to drink.
5. I need coffee to survive nowadays.
6. I would like to think I am pretty smart. I scored straight 'A' s for my O levels =)
7. I actually got a place in Brown University but had no $$ to go there.
8. Financial Freedom is important to me not because of the $$ but because of the things that it will allow me to focus my attention on (e..g family, friends, etc)
9. I once had less than $10 in my bank account.
10. I now earn more than $10 a month online. One of my dreams is to be a full time blogger

There you have it. Ten "interesting" facts about me. Hopefully this will help readers to get a better feel of the person writing this blog.


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