Wednesday, August 12, 2009

25% Cash Machine

I have been reading this book by Bryan Perry called the 25% Cash Machine.

Basically, this book advocates an investing method called double digit income investing to provide a portfolio that gives both income and capital gains of up to 25%. I enjoyed reading the book except for the fact that some of the stocks recommended in the book are already meeting with some financial difficulties due to the global financial crisis.

In it, the portfolio of stocks to build a 25% cash machine portfolio includes stocks like:

Canadian Royalty TrustsBusiness Development Companies

I really like the idea of creating a portfolio of 25 stocks that will not only give you income from dividends but also capital gains. Some of the stocks in my current portfolio are also purchased for this reason. They are:

1. ST Engineering
2. First REIT
3. Ascott REIT
4. Suntec REIT
5. PenWest Energy Trust (a Canadian Royalty Trust) - provides me with a monthly distribution.

Hope to find another 20 quality stocks to build my own 25% cash machine portfolio. Perhaps I should call it the Financial Freedom Portfolio =)

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