Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Day at Starbucks

It is another day at Starbucks for me.

People are studying all around me. Some people are sipping coffee. Some are surfing the internet. The guy sitting next to me is busily monitoring the stock market. The Starbucks staff are busily chatting away as they serve customers the coffee. The aroma of the coffee and the jazz music that is playing at the background helps to soothe my nerves and gives me comfort.

I see people getting off the bus stop and from where I am sitting, I can also see people waiting for the train.

The weather is really hot and I am enjoying the aircon. The caffe latte (whatever remains of it) sits on the table in front of me.

I have been reading this blog by a Malaysian full time blogger and have found some useful tips for my own blogging. You can read his blog here.

Record Earnings from Adsense ($4.85 in A Single Day)

On a happy note, I earned like a record $4.85 from Google's Adsense while I was sleeping last night. Apparently, my articles on Canroys ranked pretty high up Google's search pages. Not too sure how I did it but when I checked again just now, the rankings have gone all the way down.

Imagine the power of the residual income I will be able to earn if Adsense gives me $485 per day instead of $4.85 per day. I will be laughing my way to the bank! Hahahahah

Sold off Hongguo for a profit of over $3000

On the investment front, I sold off one of my small cap stocks (Hongguo) last week before the long weekend. Managed to earn over $3000 from an initial investment of $5000. Quite pleased with my results and am looking to enter into it again should the price drop once more.

I have also been looking closely at the performance of my REITs and wondering whether I should cash out of Suntec REIT which I have entered into at $1.02. The current price is now at $1.12 so it is a profit of $1000.

Financial Standing

How do I compare to the rest of Singapore? I think I should be at least above average in my savings and investment =)

I have $13K in my CPF OA, $14K in my CPF SA and $20K in my CPF MA.
Me and my wife have $100K+ in liquid cash sitting in the bank
I have $80K+ in stocks.
I have $50K in cash value in my insurance policies (Whole Life and Invesment linked plans)
Me and my wife have a flat that is valued at $550,000 when I last checked the HDB website resale price.

I believe that I have an abundance which some people do not have.

Yet, I am pretty sure that there are people out there who are like a hundred times richer than me.

Time to work harder!!!!


  1. what's canroys?
    is it like

  2. Canroys is short form for canadian royalty trusts

  3. haha. thanks for the explanation.

  4. Wow

    That's a lot for 27 yrs old (and married). Well done!

  5. Hi JW,

    I think it is not really a lot. I will like to think that I am pretty average actually.

    The problem is that I am virtually unemployed right now and not really drawing an income

  6. Well, I am employed and drawing an income but I hate more than 1/2 of what I do at work.

    And I still don't have as much savings as you do. And I am older!

    So don't worry, you are doing well...


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