Friday, September 25, 2009

Portfolio Update

I have sold off Hongguo and PWE (Penn West Energy Trust) for profits of around 30%. Decided that a 30% gain was good enough so decided to exit both stocks. If the opportunity arises, I will enter into both PWE and Hongguo again.

I have also been trying learn more about technical analysis. Just downloaded ChartNexus. It seems like a pretty good software to play around with. Think I will be combining both FA and TA for my purchases of stocks next time round. Still need to learn a great deal about the various indicators and stuff though.

Still no success at the job front. Just bumming around each day with nothing to do. Don't really know what job I am passionate about. I just feel so weary and tired and feel like I could do with a really really really long break.

Just for my records purposes:

Dividends received from PWE = $11.27
Dividends received from ST Eng = $30.00
Cash from selling 24000 shares of Hongguo @0.355=$8488.93
Still waiting for the proceeds from the sale of PWE.

1. Decided to Quit My Job


  1. Combining TA with FA is very effective... I do that...

    But at times, as a newbie, I will still be tricked by emotions...

    One recent very 'sad' case is... I bought Fuxing at 10 cents. Sold at 12 cents without checking technical indicators. The next day, it shot to 15 cents, and today, it reached 21 cents.

    Sold on emotions, and now affected by emotions for having sold too early. This equation must be taken out for effective trading.

  2. Hi FF,

    I would recommend value investing, and not use any TA at all.

    But then, it's just me la. Feel free to ignore. :P


  3. Hi MW,

    I was a FA person but I am trying to blend in two school of thoughts. FA does not seem to work very well in the Singapore context.

    I am becoming increasing certain that it is difficult for me to spot a good company based on FA alone. To get 100% returns, I need to spot a good company with a good stock price.

    This is made much more difficult considering that I have to diversify. So let's say I only put like 10% of my money into that stock and it zooms up 100% over 5 years, the amount that my overall capital has increased is not really 100% as the other 90% of my capital is locked up in some other stocks.

    I am not too sure whether you have faced the same situation as me. Guess I am just frustrated that FA is not working as quickly as I would like it to be.


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