Thursday, October 1, 2009

Donald Trump Lessons

How can we possibly explore financial freedom without taking a look at the person of Donald Trump and the lessons that he can offer us?

Donald Trump is a billionaire (don't ask me how many zeroes are involved, I am simply confused by that amount) with business interests in real estate, books, television, etc, etc. These are a few key lessons that I have learnt from observing this man.

Never Give Up

Trump has a never say die attitude. He is always trying to do something better and bigger. He probably has his eye on the next project while he is still involved in some other project. After filing for bankruptcy some years back, he is back as one of the richest man on earth. One thing is for sure - this man never gives up!


It seems like this man knows how to multi-task quite a fair bit. Look at his television show The Apperentice and you can see that even for a busy man like himself, he knows how to delegate work such that he even has time to appear on the show! I think that Trump must have great multi-tasking abilities to focus on so many areas like real estate and television at one time.


When Trump speaks, he oozes with so much confidence. And that is perhaps the X factor he has. He has been there, done that. He does not try to be a crowd pleaser. He says things as they should be said. He does not try to be politically correct. That is what makes him special. He does not go along with the crowd. He has confidence in what he does and say. This is perhaps the most important factor.

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