Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Passive Income Update

In the journey to financial freedom, one of the decisions I made was to rapidly increase my passive income. This was done through the acquisition of REITs, bank deposits as well as online income sources.

My updated portfolio for passive income (end September 2009) is as such:

1. 12,000 x Ascott REITs (DPU = 3.55 per half) = $71.00 per month
2. 17,000 x First REITs (Annualised DPU = 7.66cents) = $108.51 per month
3. 11000 x Suntec REITs (Annualised DPU = 11.94cents) = $109.45 per month
4. Maybank iSavvy Deposit = $8 per month
5. Online Income Sources = $30 per month

Total Estimated Passive Income = $326.96 per month

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  1. Hey FF,

    Just wondering if this is your portfolio of stocks you are holding now ?

    Are there other stocks you are holding?


  2. There are other stocks that I am holding which are not really for passive income per se.

    These are the stocks which I bought with more of the passive income in mind.

  3. seems like it's all REITs. Isn't it risky as it is not diversified?

  4. I have a basket of other stocks but REITs are primarily for passive income purposes. I know it is slightly risky but they pay good dividends compared to stocks

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  6. Hi FF,

    Deleted my previous comment coz I didn't realise you stated your goal near your title.

    It's cool to find someone who's in a very similar situation as I am. I'm also 27, self-employed, and hoping to achieve passive income exceeding my monthly expenses. REITS, imho, are good vehicles for high div yield and they're the closest things a person can get to property investment without being involved in all the nitty gritty administration. I think risk-wise, REITS can be selected in a diversified way, for instance by region(sg, hk etc) or by type(industrial, commercial, malls etc).

    Just wondering, do you have plans to get married/buy a house, or anticipating a relatively large financial committment en route your target?

    I'm asking this because I'm planning to start a family in 5 years' time, and would like to see how you plan your goal around such committments, if you do plan to have any.


  7. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for leaving behind the comments.

    I am married and already have a place. I don't forsee any large ticket items unless I am planning for a 2nd property


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