Friday, October 23, 2009

Where Did My Money Go Today?

Today, I tracked my spending for the entire family:
The total spending was $42.90

Meals Cost the Most

70% of the money spent today went into food. A breakdown as shown below

Breakfast (takeaway)= $2.70
Lunch (takeaway)= $8.00
Dinner at Ikea = $17.00
Snacks at Ikea = $2.00

Miscellaneous Items

30% of the money went into buying miscellaneous stuff and carparking

A Stool from Ikea = $9.90
Carparking at Ikea = $3.30

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  1. Commendable of you to have the guts to quit your day job to pursue your dreams!

  2. Ha.. Thanks! It wasn't a difficult decision


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