Monday, November 30, 2009

Dividends for November 09

Checked my bank account and realised that I have received dividends from two of my REITs (First REIT and Suntec REIT)

Total from First REIT = $323
Total from Suntec REIT = $29.21

Sort of regretted selling away some of my Suntec REITs as I would have received a much larger dividend. Oh well, I guess we are always wiser with hindsight.

Total dividends for November 2009 = $352.21

It certainly cannot compare with the dividends that I received for Feb 09, May 09 and August 09 but it beats getting nothing at all.

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  1. Hi FF,

    Just curious - what is your total dividend received for 2009? Compute this as a % of your cost to get your total dividend yield. Mine is about 4.45% for 2009.


  2. Hi MW,

    I traded quite a bit this year so it will not be accurate as some of the dividends I collected are from stocks that are no longer in my portfolio.

    My rough estimate will be around 4 to 5%


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