Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 Things I Dislike About Weddings

There are three things that I dislike about weddings.

I would not term it as HATE but rather just a sublime DISLIKE. I guess some people are just not bothered about the things that bothers me.

No. 1 - The issue about red packets or hongbaos.

The Chinese give out red packets as part of a tradition in passing on good luck and fortune to others. Red packets contain money inside.

Over the years, this idea about the red packet has morphed beyond "it's the thought that counts". Instead, it is the money inside that counts.

Speak to any couple that is hosting a wedding dinner or lunch and the issue about the "profitability of the wedding" comes into play. While some couples hope to BREAKEVEN, others hope to make a PROFIT.

This is really a sad case and has taken out the true meaning of wedding lunches and dinners. Instead of being an occassion to share the joy with one another, it becomes a profit and loss event where how much a guest puts in the red packet becomes an issue.

No. 2 - The latecomers to the dinners and lunches.

Lunches and Dinners never start on time.

I once attended a wedding dinner where the dinner was supposed to start at 7.30pm but ended up starting only at 9pm!!

Enough said.

No. 3 - The Routine of the Wedding Dinner and Lunches.

The wedding dinner and lunches are so ROUTINE with a capital R that I can predict which dish the bride and groom is going to come in again and when they are going up stage to pop the champagne and say their thank you speeches and when they are going to start going around taking pictures.

It is just boring especially if you have to attend multiple wedding lunches and dinners over the weekend. There is just a lack of spontaneity.

I went up to Malaysia to attend a wedding dinner and theirs was totally different from those held in Singapore. There was blaring karoke throughout the dinner!

I nearly went deaf after sitting in front of the speakers for the dinner. It was IMPOSSIBLE to even have a conversation with the person sitting next to me. Now, that is what I call entertainment! Saves you the trouble of even having to do any friendly chat with the people at your table.


As much as I dislike wedding dinner and lunches, I do enjoy the parts where there is good food and good company of friends (especially those you have not caught up with for a long time).

What was your most "MEMORABLE" wedding experiences? What do you dislike about weddings?


  1. Was discussing with my gf about this...

    Is a wedding dinner absolutely necessary?

  2. Go for Mass Wedding. No more issue of hosting dinners for relatives and friends.

  3. It is not necessary of course. A simple dinner or buffet at home would do in my opinion.

    But tell that to your parents and see how they will react =)

    Usually, it is the parents who want the wedding dinner or lunches.


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