Saturday, December 5, 2009

7 Reasons Why I Started the $50 Contest

I guess a lot of you must be wondering why I started the $50 Contest.

(For new comers, you can view the $50 Contest here)

I guess the following are the 7 main reasons why I started this prize money giveaway:

1. I felt generous and just wanted to spread the Christmas joy around.

2. To reward readers of this blog who have been following and reading my sometimes mundane postings and putting up with all the stuff I blog about.

3. I wanted to know whether people would actually comment to get the prize money.

4. I wanted to know how long it would take to get 50 comments. I thought I would get it within 2 days. But I was wrong.

5. I was interested to see if people would actually collaborate to get the prize money.

6. I wanted to see who would sacrifice and post the 49th comment.

7. I wanted to see whether this would be a good viral marketing tool.

Of course, I did not come up with these reasons and start the contest. Instead, I started with reason #1 and #2 and the rest of the reasons came along as the competition progressed.

I hope to do something even more crazy and whacky next time!


  1. There is a Chinese saying: When you throw in money, ghosts will also come.

  2. least got ghosts come =)

    If got no ghosts come, I will end up blogging to myself with noone to read and give me their good comments and insights

  3. Actually, my friends commented that when they come into my site, they don't know what I am babbling about. Well, I don't care.. it's a blog for myself.. to document my thoughts.. :)

  4. Hi Wealth Journey,

    Yep. I guess blogging is a way we document all our thoughts and emotions. Besides, it is fun to look back at it and to realise that someday, someone might look at our blogs and learn something from us even when we are long gone.

    Hopefully Google and Blogger will still be around then.


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