Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Insurance Portfolio for 2009

After reviewing my stock portfolio for 2009, it is only right that I also review my current insurance portfolio and the changes that I have made for me and my family.

Currently there are 3 members in my family. We are covered under the following insurance plans:

1. Aviva MyShield Plan 1 (Covers hospitalisation)
2. SAF Group Term Insurance ($100K)
3, AXA Future Protector ($200K)
4. AIA Achiever ($100K)
5. Manulink Flexi ($200K)
6. TM Asia Whole Life ($160K)
7. Dependent Protection Scheme ($46K)

My Wife
1. Aviva MyShield Plan 1
1. SAF Group Term ($100K)
2. AXA Future Protector ($200K)

My Kid
1. Aviva MyShield Plan 2
2. Manulink Flexi ($100K)

I figured that this is the best that I can afford for insurance for 2009. I have covered myself for close to $800k while my wife is covered for $300K). My son is covered by a hospitalisation plan as well as an ILP which serves for both protection and as a savings for his education.

If possible, I would like to increase my wife's coverage as well as my son's coverage. But all these will have to wait till I get a higher pay =)

How much are you insured for?

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