Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stock Portfolio Review for 2009

With the year 2009 coming to an end, I am doing a review of my existing stock portfolio. This will serve as an online record for me too.

These are the following stocks in my current portfolio.

1. 12,000 x Ascott REIT
2. 7000 x China Aviation Oil
3. 17,000 x First REIT
4. 15,000 x Innotek
5. 35,000 x Kingboard
6. 6,000 x NOL
7, 37,000 x Pac Andes
8. 1,000 x Suntec REIT
9. 11,000 x Unifood
10. 1,500 x Citigroup

Innotek was bought sometime in year 2008 for dividends. The stock price fell terribly and I am still sitting on a paper loss.

Kingboard was bought because I thought there was some potential in it. Still holding on to it.

NOL was meant to be a short term trading position which ended up as long term position because the price fell and I refused to cut loss. Lesson learnt and my money is stuck in this ship once again. I have profited twice (I think) from previous trades.

Pac Andes was a buy because I thought the fundamentals were good. I am not too sure about it now and I think I would sell once the price is right.

Suntec REIT was bought for the dividends. I used to own 11,000 but then sold the 10 lots to take up a short term position in NOL which I now regret the price of Suntec REIT has risen while NOL has tanked.

Unifood was a stock bought during my university days. Stupid mistake.

I realised that I am not really a long term holder as I thought I was. Apart from Unifood, I think I have held the stocks for all less than 5 years. I sold away all my Hongguo as I had made a decent profit in it already this year during the recovery.

2010 will be focused on stocks that have good potential. As I believe that the stock market might tank again soon, I will liquidate my stocks when I get the chance to.


  1. Hi FF,

    Just curious, of the other companies which you didn't talk about in your blog, are you sitting on a paper gain or loss and what do you intend to do with them?

    Perhaps you can consider cutting loss on some of your positions, including perhaps NOL and Unifood. The money may be better deployed elsewhere.


  2. Hi,

    Just curious on the reasons to leave one lot of suntec Reit around in your portfolio.

  3. 5 yrs is a long time in today's enviroment of 5-7yrs bull/bear cycle.

  4. Hi MW,

    Painful to cut loss. I know I should but I find it extremely difficult. Hopefully the share price will recover.

    Stocks that I did not talk about in my blog? Like which one...some were perhaps short term trading positions like Kepland and ST Eng. Those listed here are the ones that will be in my portfolio end 2009. That is unless I do something drastic within these few days.

    1 lot of Suntec is a ...... I also don't really know how to explain =) I had 11 lots but then sold off 10 lots so left 1 lot. Yah.. should have sold off that 1 lot too but it was just sticking out like a sore thumb

  5. I cut my Unifood investment years ago and realised a 5 figure loss. Ouch... Sigh.

    Once I sold off all my ST Engineering shares except for 1 lot just so that I would still receive their annual reports. ;-)

  6. Ouch.That is a painful loss. I also loss quite a bit of money on Unifood.

    This is what i call the pain of investing. Sometimes, those who are investing tend to lose money and you wonder whether it was worthwhile to have invested the money instead of spending the money on a holiday trip or something.

    Oh well, I guess for our quest to financial freedom, the journey is always filled with ups and downs and only at the end of the journey will we see for ourselves the fruits of our labour.

  7. Yes, very painful but I think of it as paying school fees to Mr. Market. Haha... What to do? I hope I have finally gotten things right after so many years as an investor. Only time will tell. Good luck to us all in 2010! :)

  8. Yep.. Everyone has to pay school fees to Mr Market once in a while.

    Hopefully, it makes us better investors at the end of the day.

  9. learn from warren buffet that never dream in your investment. if not you paid for a great price. good luck!


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