Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Best Blog in Singapore

I have always wondered who owns the best blog in Singapore.

Singapore afterall is a tiny island with only 5 million people living on it. Out of this, I reckon that less than 10% of the population has a blog.

And out of this 10%, perhaps only 1% update their blogs regularly.

Based on my very crude estimates:

The number of people with blogs in Singapore = 500,000
The number of people who update their blogs regularly (once a week) = 5000

That should place the number of "good" blogs out there at a figure less than 5,000. That is not alot if you ask me. Afterall, the internet was supposed to be the NEXT BIG THING.

If there are only 5,000 good Singapore blogs out of the millions of blogs out there in the world, it means that Singaporeans are not making their voices heard in the blogosphere!

Bloggers are changing the world & Singapore should not be left out.

Bloggers are changing the world. As a whole, they provide an unregulated form of media that seeks to inform, entertain, educate the public. Other bloggers simply view their blogs as a place to rant their private thoughts and feelings (ironically for the whole world to see).

In this sense, bloggers do not view their works as pieces of art. But that perhaps is what separates the BEST blogs from the NORMAL blogs. The BEST blogs are those that are always striving to keep their content fresh, always interacting with readers, always looking for ways to improve their blogs. They view their blogs as more than just personal diaries or online journals. In a certain sense, they see their blogs as tools to change the world. Some unwittingly change the world by just ranting their private thoughts.

Afterall, we are all easily influenced by the thoughts, words and actions of other people. Everything that one reads will influence the person to a certain level and sometimes this influence even transcends the conscious level. FOR EXAMPLE, because a blogger is making money from stocks using fundamental analysis, we might become more inclined to view fundamental anlaysis as a stronger tool than technical analysis.

Enough said about blogging. Who do you think has the best blog in Singapore?


  1. Hi SgFF,

    I would like to hear your opinions about my blog and how I can improve it further :)


  2. Hi CW8888,
    Definitely not me. If it were me, I would know =)

    I think your blog is great. But perhaps for your postings, you can add in some pictures cos it tends to look quite dull after sometime. Otherwise, I think that your blog is alot better than mine!

  3. SgFF, that's a good idea. Thanks!

    But sometimes, I really dunno what pictures I can add :)

  4. Your blog is really good. But make it attractive by adding some pictures and relevant links for the text you are using like that. It will make more sense.

  5. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Indeed, I will try to work harder to present better content so that one day, this blog can be the best blog in Singapore. Ha...


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