Monday, February 15, 2010

Conversation With A Millionaire

Every now and then, one gets an opportunity to speak to a millionaire. Afterall, the number of millionaires in Singapore are increasing each year.

As part of the Chinese New Year visitation process, we make it a point to visit our relatives every year.

This year, I got the chance to meet a rich relative who had just upgraded his house.

The house was stunning and it was everything that one could wish for in a dream home. A stunningly good view, central location, spacious and with really nice furniture and paintings.

The wind was blowing in my face as I stood at the balcony observing the wonderful view while the rich uncle sat down there giving us a brief tour of the various sights that were in front of us.

The thoughts that ran through my head was this: "How long more before I can give my family such a life?"

The rich uncle was living alone with his wife as his children had all grown up and left home to set up their own families.

I wish I will be able to replicate his success while my child is still young. But how much time must I sacrifice in return?

Yet, there was no opportunity for me to ask him how he achieved his success. He was too busy talking to other relatives. I also wasn't very close to him so I did not dare probe him about it less I appeared over-intrusive into his personal affairs.

The conversation just went about things like renovation works, the scenery that we were enjoying and of course about children.

There is a certain aura that accompanies successful men. And I felt that aura. It is not something boastful. It is something I call a "gentle and quiet confidence". Just being in the presence of somebody rich, you can feel this aura that surrounds the person. The way he talks, the way he carries himself, the way he eats...

And all I could do was observe. I observed as much as I could and this was my unspoken conversation with a millionaire. I paid attention to what were his likes and hobbies. I caught a glimpse of his passion for certain things. And I got a clearer picture of the rich in Singapore.

I am sure I could have learnt a lot more if I had just asked.


  1. When are you going to converse with the Millionaires in BullyTheBear and blog about your conversations here?

  2. Soon soon. You want to be the first to be interviewed? =)

  3. Too bad I am not wearing shoe size 14 yet.


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