Friday, February 26, 2010

Dividends and Passive Income for Feb 2010

(Image by kwerfeldein)

While it is not the end of February yet, I think it is possible for me to record down all my dividends and passive income for the month.

Dividends (from Ascott REIT and Suntec REIT) = $455.58
Trading Income = $39.31
Interest from Savings Account = $7.35

Total dividends and passive income for Feb 2010 = $502.24

I also expect to increase my earned income as I have started taking on some tutoring assignments. This is not so much for the money but more for the experience of teaching students in a one-to-one context and basically because I like to teach. I have enjoyed it thus far.

On the job front, I am still on the look out for jobs that might interest me. Still waiting for the replies from several job applications and hopefully I get a reply by March 2010.


  1. Congrats for finding the first few tuition jobs!
    And good luck for your search for your new jobs!

    Just to share, my dividends for this month comes from CapitaComm Trust and Starhill REIT, 223.8 and 194 respectively.

  2. Hi JW,

    Thanks for the well wishes!

    You are doing really well too in terms for your dividends. It looks like we both have reits but are invested in different ones. Interesting. We should share more on how we pick the reits we invest in.

  3. I received $6 for Feb 2010, most of the dividends are coming in March 2010.

    Good to hear you got some tuition students! The money is in cash and very very useful for daily expenses....

  4. I have received $312.50 from SingPost today. Tuition can make big money too when you are popular.

  5. I only have 1 student. Hopefully I will be popular enough =)

    Oh, Singpost...I have always wanted to own that stock.

  6. I have near 20 students excluding those I taught at tuition centre :)

    Check out too :)

  7. JW,
    You are a full time tutor yah? Would like to find out more about how you conduct your business.

  8. SgFF,

    I'm a full time engineer, full time tutor, and full time blogger, full time investor cum part time trader :)

  9. Wow. So you hold a full time job and still have 20 students? How on earth do you cope? Is it group tuition that you are giving?

  10. yup, I have group tuition at my own place

    The details of my tuition are on my examworld blog... that's why ask you to check it out... You can emulate the advertising too!

  11. Okay. Thanks!
    Hope to learn more from you.

  12. Always been following your blog :) I have also just collected my dividends from MapleTree Industrial Trust, First Reit and GRP.

    Now waiting for AIMSAMP - Mar.


  13. Hi Ken Tan,

    Thanks. I have been thinking of entering AIMSAMP. Just wondering whether it was a good time to enter it considering their strategy to invest in China. I remember this REIT nearly went bankrupt during the crisis.


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