Sunday, February 14, 2010

Financial Freedom Thoughts

Sometime ago, I wrote a post about James Sun. He is a young guy who made his millions from an initial $5000 investment in eBay and other stocks like Intel, etc.

Today, at the age of 32, he has accomplished so much more than I have accomplished in my entire life.

This got me thinking about the journey that I am taking and it makes me wonder whether I will actually achieve it.

Being more aware of my mortality these days, I must admit that I could pass on before any of my dreams have been accomplished. And all will be left of me is this blog.

Of course, it is my hope that this blog will live on long after I do to spur people on to achieving financial freedom, abandoning the rat race and truly contemplating about their purpose in life. When one is caught up in the rat race, it is sometimes impossible to think of one's higher calling in life.

I am listing down ten of my dreams that I hope to accomplish. It is my wish that I can accomplish all these before I die but if I don't, hopefully somebody out there will be inspired by this list of mine and go on to accomplish great things in life.

So here are my ten big dreams:


1. To Achieve Financial Freedom (Passive income greater than expenditure)
2. To Travel the World
3. To live behind a business of lasting impact and help to people
4. To live in a big house by the lake with lots of books
5. To drive a nice car (BMW 5 series)
6. To play the piano
7. To study overseas in a good university
8. To write a book
9. To build a good stamp collection/art collection
10. To start a charity organisation

How long will I take to achieve my dreams? Do I go about achieving them simultaneously or should I priorities and focus on one big dream at a time? Will I ever achieve all these dreams in my lifetime?


  1. financial freedom, all the way to achieve your goals! If you fall short, you know you tried your best! :)

  2. Do u feel like u are doing too little to achieve your Financial freedom?

  3. Thanks beginning with F.

    Hi Anonymous,
    I do feel that I am doing a bit too little. I have been trying to work at it and think that I am slightly behind schedule. But no worries. I will get there.

  4. Good to place goals and dreams :)

    Just a thought - Don't push yourself too hard FF as it seems you have 10 dreams...we live life once only and never know what will happen the day next even if we plan.

    On successes, everyone has their own personal accomplishment. Sometimes a small success means a lot to an individual, apart from financial freedom.


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