Monday, February 1, 2010

Income for January 2010

Checked my bank account yesterday and realised I got some special "bonus" from the government.

The 1st is a sum of $750 for baby bonus. This will come in handy.

The 2nd is a sum of $100 for GST credits. This will also come in handy.

With Chinese new year coming and the need to give hongbaos soon, the total sum of $850 will go nicely to tide us through this season.

I have also expanded on my passive income sources and hope to bring my passive income UP UP and UP for this year. January is over and it is no use crying over spilt milk. February is here and I hope that it will be a roaring good year for all my passive income sources.

I heard the story about apple trees recently and it got me thinking... how can I increase the number of apple trees I have? Everytime I see a tree, it gets me thinking.. Have I planted seeds for another apple tree today? Or am I relying solely on 1 apple tree alone?


  1. Still got GST Offset package meh?

    Never heard of the apple tree story, but I think I get what you mean. Good analogy!

  2. Apple tree = property
    apple = rental income

  3. Try to diversify your investments(trees). Don't have apple trees only.

    Anyway, I linked your blog on mine. Do link me back.

  4. FF,

    Are you sure there's GST credits? I don't have leh :(


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