Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Job Application and the Waiting Game

So the waiting game is here.... just waiting for replies from potential employers and waiting for interview results.

Such a passive waiting game which I can't really stand. I wish there was a more active stance I could take.

Tick, tock, tick, tock..

How should I bide my time as I wait for the results?

Time to go off for a short trip and to escape the low self-esteem syndrome that comes along with rejections?


  1. Do intensive research for value investments, lor. I always wish I had more time to do that. Since you have a lot of time on your hands, why not get started??

  2. Hey FF,

    I am in the same situation as you too. Currently hunting for jobs too.

    I can fully relate to your wife being angry with you for staying home all day.

    My gf says she won't accept a househusband without a job either.

    Do feel free to add me on msn at this address: king_choo@hotmail.com.

    What's your e-mail so we can help each other out and exchange views.

  3. hi MW,
    I can't concentrate on researching companies.. I keep checking my email to see whether i have been offered a job. THere is a certain pressure around the house also to STOP surfing net and DO SOMETHING..

    Hi Kingley Choo,
    I can be found regularly at LP's Bully the BEAR chatbox. More fun chatting on the cbox there then MSN. I don't really log on to MSN these days. My email is sgfinancialfreedom@gmail.com

  4. Hi FF,

    I thought usually they inform you through a phone call if you get the job. If you receive an email from the employer, it is more likely a rejection.

    If I had so much free time, I would go gym to work on my fitness and read up on companies whose stocks I am targeting to purchase


  5. really ah? So they will give me a call?

    Any idea how long it usually takes and why they cannot just offer it on the spot?

    I am thinking about all the things that I should have said in the interview and all the things that I should not have said..Sigh....fingers cross!!

  6. Hi FF,

    really depends, if they like you, could be as soon as the day itself.

    Some jobs require a few rounds of interview as well.

    I'm not sure how it works for your sector...

  7. Hi FF,

    Like you, I am also currently between jobs. I am free for kopi with you and senior bro when you're available. Try to get out of the house. Sometimes the silent pressure in the house can really affect your well being.


  8. Instead of waiting at home.. why not do some part-time jobs to supplement your income?

  9. Dream, You also out of job? What happened...

    I hate waiting at home..but I feel the urge to be near my emails at all time so as to wait for the replies =)

  10. Hi FF,

    Good luck for the job search. There is one job out there just for you, the only thing is that you have to keep trying...


  11. Thanks for all the well wishes!

    It seems I am getting more support from fellow bloggers and online ppl than ppl I know =)

    24 hours since the interview and still waiting......
    Could it be game over ?

  12. Hi FF

    I wrote in your blog in Dec 09 (31 days to increase passive income). My comment at that time:

    Anonymous said...
    Hi FF,

    What you have been doing is not weird. It is the right way and it's great that you appreciate it at a younger age. It works well and I am still accumulating my passive income all these years.

    Just highlighting that you need to get more capital to continue to grow your passive income so that it can cover your expenses (financial independence).

    Of course the best way is from B&I (Business & Investing), but if you have not been able to access to this two, most of the people will do it with E&S (Employment & Self Employed). Sometimes, E may be one option for you to accumulate and convert as fast and as much as possible over to I income (which make up most of your passive income now).

    Just a thought for you,


    During that time when I wrote, I don't want to specifically encourage you to look for an employment. So you can know more about yourself and situation since you have taken a big step to quit to explore opportunities. You may find a good B or I opportunity.

    Now since you decided to go into the E mode again, it is definitely not easy. However, you have also learn alot. You may be more aware or start to know the next time you taking this step will be when your financial capital or passive income is already of a certain level before you quit.

    You are still young (I am about 10 years older than you). You definitely will do a lot better. Besides Robert K's, also remember the Secrets of Millionaire Minds, think positive and action.

    All the best!


  13. Thanks all for the encouragement..

    I did not get the job. =(

    Need to start out my search all over again...


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