Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Jobless Millionaire and the Rich Bloggers

So I was thinking that the difference between a millionaire who is jobless and a thousandnaire who is jobless is quite profound. A millionaire who is jobless will never be called a bum.

Anyway, I have never really considered myself jobless. At the very least, I am a blogger! And people do make a living out of their blogs. It is just that I can't make a living out of my blog but that doesn't stop me from being jobless or stuff. I have a good readership and a wonderful community of supporters out here.

So to say that I am out of a job, the correct phrase should be "I am seeking paid employment". My job at this blog is paid peanuts but it gives me great joy. I am the CEO, marketing executive, editor, journalist, corporate comms person all rolled into one.

Talking about blogs, some bloggers are really able to enjoy a good life because of the quality of their blogs and the followership that they have. I would just term it as the Rich blogger and Poor blogger divide that I am trying to cross over to. Rich bloggers are also jobless like me...except that they are earning money from their blogs.

That was lunch for today. I ate only at 3 pm as I wasn't too hungry. Char Mee (instant noodles) home-cooked style. I know it looks real plain but it was super delicious.


  1. I have just helped to add a piece of fried egg to your mee hoon.

  2. Hey FF,

    I prefer Indo Mee Goreng...Slurp...

  3. Am I destined to be a full time blogger?

  4. SgFF, that's so bloody unhealthy!!!

    Once in a blue moon ok, but it's so full for processed food, artificial flavourings, MSG, etc!!!! ARGH!!! IT'S BASICALLY TASTY POISON!!!

    Do take care of your diet and health :)

  5. it is possible for an average person to reach financial freedom. In 1996, after I got married and bought a HDB Resale flat, my bank account has only S$5,000 and I owe Renovation Loan of S$40,000. By 2008, I reached my first million dollars at age 39...all this achieved while earning average income of S$6,000 for the 15 years (1993 to 2008). So it can be done, as I've done it. - Dennis Ng, an average Singaporean who learned how to master his finances.

  6. Hi Dennis,

    Oh My! You actually visited my site =)

    I am a great fan of yours. Have been following your postings (since Wallstraits days) and also have seen your achievements. I have been truly inspired by you.

    Hope to see you around here more often and give your two cents worth of inputs. Perhaps even do a sharing on how you managed to achieve financial freedom in a short span of 12 years.


  7. Hi Financial Freedom, yes, it can be done. Since year 2009, I've been conducting seminars to share and teach "How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollars" and I also share "Secrets of Making Money in Stocks" and "Secrets to Making Money in Property", basically sharing the knowledge that helped me achieve my first million dollars in year 2008.

    It took me 15 years (graduating in 1993 to year 2008) to achieve my first million, but I think by end of this year or just 2 years, for me to reach my 2nd Million dollars.

    Hope this can inspire and encourage you further.

    Visit , a Financial Education website I set up.


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