Monday, February 1, 2010

Sakuraya - Best Jap Food in Singapore?

I like Japanese food. Perhaps its due to the fact that I did not eat much Japanese food when I was young.

But with my budget tightening, I have cut down on my Jap food intake quite a lot as I tend to be pretty fussy about Jap food and only like to eat them at restaurants.

The one place that I like is Sushi tei. I find that their food is fresh and yummy. Consistency is however sometimes a problem as I went to the one at west coast when it just opened and I found it to be disappointing and not up to standard.

However, I went to Sakuraya yesterday (@ Anchorpoint Level 1 Beside 7-11) and I must say that their sashimi and sushi are of a superb standard too.

The reason why we went there was because we had already collected 20 stamps and this entitled us to a $50 discount voucher that we could redeem.

The wife ordered a sashimi set while I ordered a saba set. We also ordered maguro, salmon and tamago sushi. The bill added up to $51.79 and with the discount voucher, we only had to foot $1.80 for the bill!

It was a wonderful meal. The sashimi and sushi looked so fresh and tasted so good. What's more, it only cost me $1.80 for an unbelievable good meal. I have come to realised that Sakuraya has perhaps better Jap food than Sushi Tei. After being a loyal supporter of Sushi Tei for more than 4 years, I must say that Sakuraya has won my heart yesterday and now takes over the No.1 spot in my heart when it comes to Jap food.

Too bad I don't have any pictures taken from yesterday...

If you had a free $50 voucher to eat at any place you would like, where would it be?

P.S. Answering the above question won't win you a free $50 voucher


  1. If you like Sushi..
    you can stick around NTUC or probably Carrefour.. or Giant..
    They do offer the end of day sale on the sushi .. No offense meant to you.. I do that myself sometimes when i happen to be there.

  2. Sushi needs to be consumed fresh. Otherwise it doesn't taste that good.


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