Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shell Escape Card

I finally applied for a Shell Escape card. That is after many years of driving and pumping petrol at Shell petrol stations.

I do not know why I always had the misconception that the Shell Escape Card works like a credit card. I finally found out that it doesn't!

Instead, it is just a card to collect points which I can then redeem free gifts and vouchers for.

My oh my....I have missed out on so many points. Wasted if you ask me..... Really silly of me not to clarify with people.

On average, I pump around 40litres of petrol per week. Multiply by 52 weeks and then by 3 years.. I have basically lost lots of points.

I have my eyes on a $20 Ben and Jerry's voucher. I think I should be able to get it in 20 weeks.

Oh well, the good thing about it is that I have time 20 weeks to burn some fats before redeeming my points.


  1. Loyalty cards for essential services are still the best - since you have to spend you might as well get rewarded for it!

  2. Hey FF,

    out of topic but, no luck with your interviews?

  3. Hi FF,

    Aiyoh, really wasted. I have been collecting points at petrol stations for years now. Always nice to get shopping vouchers as perks once every few months. :)

  4. Hi MW and AK71,

    Yah... Stupid stupid me.... I really don't know why I had that kind of misconception about the Shell Escape Card.

    Sadly no =(


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