Wednesday, February 10, 2010

StarHub Cable TV - Upgraded to Basic Plus

Over the new year, I discovered a promotion by Starhub that allowed me to upgrade my basic group channels to the basic plus at no additional cost for 6 months. Finding that this was too good an opportunity to miss, I immediately signed up for it through the telephone.

Within a few days, I got all my Basic Plus Channels on my Starhub Cable TV.

This included ALL these channels like:
  1. Crime & Investigation Network
  2. NatGeo Adventure
  3. NatGeo Wild
  4. AXN Beyond
  5. Animax
  6. Channel V
  7. FoxCrime
  8. Sci Fi
  9. Universal Channel
  10. BBC Entertainment
  11. BBC Lifestyle
  12. FX
  13. MGM
  14. The Style Network
  15. Turner Classic Movies

Wow, a total of 15 extra channels for no additional cost!

Of course, I am sure Starhub was just interested in retaining me as my customer after they lost the rights to the ESPN channel to SingTel.

Anyway, it was too good a deal to miss for paying $25.68 only. I get the additional 15 channels to my existing basic group.

Switching my News Basic Group to Lifestyle Basic Group

I also realised that I did not watch much of the news so I switched my news basic group for the lifestyle basic group. Yes, you should do the switch too if you are not watching the news.

So my 3 basic groups now are Education, Entertainment and Lifestyle.

Just a question to readers:

What are your basic groups that you subscribe too for StarHub Cable TV?

Do you intend to switch over to SingTel's Mio TV?


  1. Mine are entertainment(customary), education and kids, but I intend to switch the education group for lifestyle, for I am all for british programmes(bbc entertainment & lifestyle) and other fields of science(astronomy on discovery science) that discovery channel does not feature. How'd you do the switch? Did you email them?

  2. Have been thinking of cancelling mine since I have hardly been watching it.


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