Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Ideas That Worked for Me

Valentine's Day this year unfortunately (or fortunately) coincides with Chinese New Year.

As I am married, I no longer celebrate this special occasion. (Yes, the death of romance in marriage)

But I used to recall the days when I would be wondering what to get my girlfriend for V-Day.

I found that this simple formula always works for me. I am not very good at gifts actually. But what I did was so simple and so easy. Nothing fanciful needed. So here is a step by step formula for the perfect Valentine's Day.

Step #1 - Order Flowers

Just order that bouquet of flowers. Yes, it is expensive but it is the bare minimum. I used to get my flowers either from City Hall or Jurong Point. You need to make sure you order beforehand though I am pretty sure that they have enough supplies to entertain walk-in customers. Bring a large paper bag if you are embarrassed to be seen with a large bouquet of flowers.

Step #2 - Write a Well Thought Out Card

This is KEY. Don't just buy a card and write silly stuff like "Happy V Day, I love you". Instead, think about what you would really like to say to her. Thank her for all the things she has done for you in the past year. Recall your favorite memories with her. The card should be like a letter if possible. It should include huge paragraphs that she can read and re-read again. It needs to be well-thought out and not just a few sentences. Think of it as writing a 500 word essay on why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Remember that the grader is your girlfriend. I really cannot emphasize how important a well written card or letter is. In fact, I would think that it is more important than the flowers. But you still need to have the flowers.

Step #3 - The Gift

If your girlfriend or wife has been easy on you, she might have hinted to you what she already wanted for V-day. But if you simply have no idea, go for this: Perfume. I always buy perfume because it is the easiest to chose and it is classy. Of course it will cost you around $70 to $100 but it will be money well spent. You will be the one taking in the scent afterall =)

Step #4 - The Meal

Her favorite eating place or somewhere with good ambience. Simple as that.


Just follow the 4 steps and you should do just fine. If anything goes wrong, don't blame me. I am just offering some suggestions. It is what I used to do for my girlfriend (who is now my wife). So it worked for me at least.


  1. FF,
    Interesting read from a guy's point of view. Yah, I have to agree that you are damn right that a well-thought out card is more important than sending flowers.

    Just to share, there are certain gifts that should be avoided out of "superstition, etc" and I know perfume is one of them. I've heard that you should not give perfume as it dun last, hence, the relationship won't as well).

    Similarly, items like clock (since it sounds like funeral wake in chinese), handkerchief (which symbolises crying and thus unauspicious) and shoes (your partner will "run away") should always be avoided. Haha. I know it sounds silly... Have you came across any others?

  2. I have heard of the clock one before but never heard of the rest. I have been giving perfume to my wife for many years already =)


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