Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Hobbies

I realised that I had not have much time to pursue various hobbies.

So this month, I bought a ukelele and started teaching myself how to play the instrument. I also bought a kite and have been unsuccessful at flying it so far.

The ukelele costs only around $50 and it was a pretty good buy. It has kept me pretty occupied these days that is why I hardly had time to focus on posting new articles at the blog! Call this addiction =)

Anyway, I share with you this lovely piece of music


  1. Hi FF,

    I tried a ukelele, but I found it lacking the ommpf of the bass strings :) As such, I find the ukelele good for playing melody only.

    Nice song - as my guitar gently weeps. Not easy to learn though, haha :)

    Try this - Jason Mraz's I'm Yours - It's just chord work and strumming only :)

  2. Cool...its amazing what you can do with such a simple instrument!


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