Friday, April 16, 2010

Profile for IM$avvy

Hi people,

I have been working on crafting my profile for the IM$avvy webpage. I was thinking between revealing myself versus remaining anonymous and decided to go for the latter.

Do give me your comments on what you think:

Financial Freedom

FF is in his late twenties and believes in the need for people to be informed and educated about personal finance so that they can make better financial decisions. He writes to keep himself updated with the latest developments as well as to inform, educate and entertain the public. He hopes that through his writings on personal finance, people will be able to learn from his experiences and mistakes. He writes frequently at his own blog about his journey towards financial freedom and encourages readers to embark on their own financial journey. Blogging serves as a platform for him to express his thoughts as well as to engage the online community to share their experiences with one another.


  1. If you are self-employed and your biz depends on people knowing you; otherwise better to remain anonymous.

  2. But this opportunity might create another revenue stream for you.

    Put a face to the blog. If you are doing good, you can start conducting financial literacy course or be a paid speaker at financial literacy events.

    So, really, it depends on whether you feel comfortable being in the limelight like Dennis Ng or Adam Khoo.

  3. Hi CW and WJ,

    Thanks for the advice. I have been contemplating it for the longest time too.

    I am not certain whether I will be comfortable in the limelight. It becomes very stressful to write and blog when ppl know who I am. The worst thing is the reaction that I will get from friends and family. I am not certain or ready to go down that path.

    Actually, I wrote another profile that reveals my true identity, but then I just did not feel the peace in putting up my real identity.

    I also felt that people would sort of relate better to the FF "brand name" (if there is even such a thing in the first place).

    After all, ppl have been used to referring to me as FF. So i thought it might be a bit of a culture shock if they see me blogging at IMSavvy under my real name but then see me blogging here anonymously.

    Wealth Journey,
    I will think about your advice. For I have indeed contemplated conducting seminars and talks before to the public. But I really feel so INADEQUATE.

    When I read the articles written by people like Dennis Ng or Wilfred Ling, I somehow feel that my knowledge is lacking in comparison to these "giants". Somehow, I think I simplify to many complicated concepts of financial planning.

  4. Do you really want your bosses or future bosses to know that you doing ECA during office hours?

  5. To give you another example, do you give out your mobile phone number freely in forum or cbox? Some people do and they want people to call them for biz.

  6. I'd say stay anonymous. It's easier to take the advice of a nameless voice than an actual person with all his/her perceived biases and social tags. Heck, you could turn it into part of your marketing strategy, just show up for all your talks in a mask. Like that Russel Wong guy used to do.

  7. CW8888,

    You are correct. I do not want my future bosses to know that I am involved in such a fun ECA =)

    I would also not give out my contacts thru forums or cbox. Email probably but not online. Unless I am doing some kind of business.

    What you said is indeed quite true. A faceless profile can sometimes be more acceptable to the public instead of a real person.

  8. I think its best to just do what you're most comfortable with. :) Personally i think either way is fine, but you need to be happy with it. If there comes a time when you're comfortable with blogging publicly with your real name, you can always update your profile.

  9. Hi FF,

    I think from a marketing point of view, it's good that you remain anonymous. Use the alias FF for the longest time ever and use it to do whatever you need to do. When the time comes for you to conduct courses and so on, I bet you my last dollar that people will just want to attend it to see your true face and know who you REALLY are, after dropping the alias. This is assuming, of course, that you contribute value to your readers' time.

    It's like a present on Christmas Day, sitting right under the tree. The box with the tied ribbon just begging to be opened.

  10. Thanks guys for all the different perspectives!

    You all have truly opened my mind to a lot of the issues which I have never thought about before.

    Thanks for highlighting the point about comfort. It is really important to me when I blog.

    What you suggested is really a superb idea! I never thought of it that way. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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