Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cure Hiccups

I was hicupping the whole of yesterday. It was really irritating.

Knowing that hiccups is caused by too little carbon dioxide (I read it somewhere), I tried to hold my breath, hoping that it will remove my hiccups. But it didn't and so I kept hiccuping.

Then I came across this amazing 30 second cure for hiccups. I totally did not believe it but when I tried it, it worked like magic and my hiccups was gone. This must be the best cure that exist today. Here is how I did it:

Step 1 : Inhale air with your mouth until your lungs are full. Keep the air in there.

Step 2: Start swallowing. It is just the act of swallowing. You don't really have to be swallowing anything. Remember to still keep the air inside your lungs.

Step 3: Inhale some more air even though it is just a wee bit of air since your lungs are still full from step 1 and then do the swallowing thing again (repeat step 2).

Holding your breath alone does not seem to work well. You need to do the swallowing thing. Don't ask me why.

My hiccups was gone in less than 30 seconds just by using this method. This is the best method I have discovered in my 28 years of living! It was so good that I just had to blog about it.


  1. Haha, I'd be sure to try out this one next time!

  2. Hi MisterG,

    Yeah. Do try it out. It really works

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