Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

It is a lazy saturday afternoon for me. The sun seems to be pretty hot today so it is not a good idea to go out. Wanted to go cycling at first but decided against it. Perhaps I will do that in the evening if time permits.

Ate a late breakfast, had some fried rice for lunch and drank two nice glasses of WolfBlass Moscato.

It has been a habit of mine nowadays to keep a bottle of wine in the fridge to drink over the week. Other wines don't really keep well as they tend to oxidise and turn a bit sourish after some time. I have found out that Moscato wines which are really sweet, do keep for some time while still retaining their taste.

Perfect! Life is worth enjoying while it lasts.

Now all that is left for me to do is surf the net, catch up on my soccer news and then sleep.


  1. Wah FF, thought you had a kid? You sound as if you are a single happy-go-lucky fella LOL!

    For me, I'd like to go cycling too but someone has to take care of my girl. And the wine sounds good - was it expensive? I usually like Rhienhaussen 2007 (German White) myself; but I only buy it if I fly overseas and stop by the DFS.


  2. Ha..does it? I make it sound like it is but it is really not the "single happy-go-lucky" kind of idea you have.. My life involves alot of boring chores like diaper changing and stuff...

    The wine isn't expensive. $23++ per bottle at Cold Storage. But it was on offer so only cost $19+ when I bought it. The reason why I like Moscato is because I can keep it for very long without it losing its taste.


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